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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by piscesboy View Post
    kaswerte naman ni misis dong.
    mas maswerte ako sa kanya

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    Sep 2010
    a piece of advise sir, try to remember what you observe sa wifey mo.... if she always play safe sa mga sytle or color ng damit i will get white but she want always to be different sa mga style ng damit and kulay get the blue since medyo kakaiba siya... but she wants ung plagi uso get the my GF medyo gusto niya maiba kaya she like mazda 2 not because of quality or whatever kasi gusto niya mazda 2 dahil sa kulay ng green dahil kakaiba daw.....hehehehe

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    Jan 2011
    di gaanong maganda yong pagka white sya , go for the red sir at least pwede mo rin gamitin as your alternate car. Malamang very happy nyan si mrs mo.

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by ChunkyLover View Post
    Guys bagong tanong...

    ano mas okey?
    RED mini cooper s on white roof
    RED mini cooper s Cabriolet? red on black soft roof
    Red Cooper S on white roof.

    Kung may option na Panoramic Sunroof, mas ok.

    Pero kung wala, black roof nalang.

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