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    Quote Originally Posted by GTcervan View Post
    The 3.0 4JJ1-TC (HI) MU-X is already out now, with the 4x2 5AT at almost P1.4m range. I think it's a bang for the buck. You might want to check it out.
    Pinigil muna yan para itapat sa upcoming Montero and Fort. Kaya sabi ko nung launch bakit sa Thailand may 3.0 and sa Australia panay 3.0? Kaya dapat wag mainipin

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    Define your idea of an suv? True 4x4, is it ok if 2wd only? ladder frame chassis or monocoque?

    If bang for buck, modern classic, real 4x4 and off road capable, its the fj, hands down

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    Jan 2013

    The mu-X definitely has a better suspension tuning than its twin (vs current Fort and MS too), haven't tried riding the new Everest though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    and grossly underpowered, again according to the same reviews.
    Natawa ako rito. xD

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    Ang nakakahilo naman with the Montero is not the tagtag, but rather the contrary - the suspension is too soft for its ride height. Awful nose dives when braking, body roll when changing lanes, etc. I like the ride of the Fortuner more actually.

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    For me best buy SUv right now is HRV (the biggest I will I ever buy)

    Then Juke or Trax for mid-level

    Then Ecosport trend for smallest

    Lahat ng malalaki never again kahit crossover pa, like my sants fe, so lapad, so bulky in city driving

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