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    Sep 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Jun aka Pekto View Post
    Based on what I can recollect over the past 21 years I've been married. It is scientific? Probably not.

    Starting with my wife, she has no interest in:

    Live sporting events

    Outdoor activities such as snorkeling, camping, spending time in nature

    Hunting/fishing for our food then cooking and eating them

    Getting a little wet from the rain without her going into a panic about how were are going to get sick because of a few drops

    Real "extreme" activities such as as skydiving. Twice when I was younger, I was invited by my coworkers to take part in their weekend skydiving group. Twice, the wife was vehemently against it to the point she would have made my life a living hell if I disobeyed her.

    Expand the above to include her friends who were almost always Filipinas and like-minded. We became members of the local Fil-Am groups at places we lived at. Same story. All the activities are pretty mundane. We can't even get them to do river-boating:

    If it's just me, forget it. If several of us hubbies went out as a group, we're allowed. But, none of the wives would come with us. They'd spend their time doing pot lucks while we were gone.

    We spent six years in Upstate New York which is an outdoors paradise. Did we take advantage of it? Nope. I'm more than game. But, the wife always played the part of spoiler. Unfortunately, she's setting a bad precedent for the kids who are becoming more like her. They rather go to the mall than spend time camping and enjoying the outdoors.
    Based on what you said, one-sided ka bro. When I said go with an adventure with your wife, I didn't mean dalhin mo sya sa outdoor activities of men only.

    What I did was I learned how to grocery, read health labels, and even studied how to prepare healthy food. We men are more scientific and logical than women, so apply mo yun sa craft nila. I even studied Juicing and attended lectures from local Juicer influencers .

    The goal is to make your wife feel like a woman within their comfort zone and the outcome is them feeling a bit more esteemed, and what other way can you make women feel that they 're beautiful

    On your part, obviously you cannot live in healthy salads or chit-chats with the wife and friends. So pag may free time ka, araro ka naman sa craft mo to keep your body work double time. Lift more weights, run more kilometers, and transparent na sya Kanya yun.

    We can always compromise with our loved ones and not sacrificing masculinity ...

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    Oct 2012
    Ang maipayo ko says eavesdrop on her chosen forums, viber groups or chosen circle. You'd be surprised how evil they talk to each other, how they blame the world for their woes

    hahaha, Oh I know they talk about interesting stuff like world domination and Divorce. I just don't interfere nor eavesdrop 'coz I feel that it's the only time she can be herself and be a good friend to others by lending an understanding ear and heart. I don't want to take that away from her.

    Baka yun nakikita mo Lang yun surface acting. If she battles pork and beef, then dinadaan na Lang Nya sa kain at Luto to get by. I call it coping mechanism

    Uhmm, NO! She really loves to eat even before she became my girlfriend and wife thereafter. We are all actors who love to show an image of someone successful so we try to paint a winners face as much as we can. That plus by rubbing some of that acting in real life sometimes make the actor real as life itself. My wife doesn't hide her troubled face because she is acting. She shows a brave face so I too can have the same strength and will power to overcome problems and be more persevering. It worked!

    If you really love your wife. Get her involved in your physical activities. Besides, wala ka naman mapapala going out with your male friends sa physical activities, hula ko Lamon din yan afterwards.

    Oh I love my wife truly that's why when we got married, beer nights and barkadas were the first to go. I gave all my time and resources to her and the kids. Kapag nagka-pamilya na kayo talaga lang nakakalimutan nyo sarili nyo being too focused as parents and providers. Like you, after having accomplished our basic goals doon lang namin nasimulan makita at mapansin young mga kulang sa buhay namin at sa aming mga sarili. I am envious of those who are able to juggle w/o a struggle but we are better people now even with our food.

    Help her now, Kawawa naman,

    Tnx for the concern. I appreciate it.

    Sorry OT na. LOW DOWN PAYMENT AND LOW MONTHLY schemes are financial traps. It's like being hit by Riders in tandem. Wala kang magawa in the end kasi nakuha na ung pinakakaingat-ingatan mo at kahit kanino ka humingi ng saklolo most likely alang tutulong. Be aware of your true finances and make a realistic decision when buying a car.

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    May 2014
    Guys the topic youre discussing is really interesting and deserves a new thread. no pun

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    Jan 2004
    masyadong OT na guys
    let's get back to regular programming

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Dende View Post
    Actually po di nabubura records, nakakakita pa rin ako ng negative records as far as 1997. Kahit na 80s pa yang record mo pwede gamitin yan ng bangko para madecline ka maliban na lang if you have high income and good debt to income ratio to compensate dun sa bad record mo.
    This is true. I work with a financial institution.

    Your records stay with you. That's what CIBI (Credit Information Bureau, Inc.) does. The only way it gets erased is if you can have access to BSP's computers, and its multiple back up layers.

    It's also true that even if you have a "bad" record, you can still get a loan depending on the risk appetite of a lending institution/bank. Some banks are aggressive, and will be willing to take the risks. Some will stick to individuals or groups with sterling records, especially for sizable loan amounts.

    It's also true that car loans are easy to avail nowadays, as most bank categorizes this as a low-risk, low-yield, but high-volume revenue-generating segment. Anyway, loan will be "fully" secured, and we haven't considered that a bubble can form within this segment. One drawback with this repossessed assets: those who religiously pay their loans, (and future borrowers as well ) also suffers, as they have to bear the brunt of higher financing costs. Banks have anticipated all of these risks and we have factored them in in your interest rates! Why, that's the essence of Risks Management! ;P

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    Oct 2015
    true true true

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    Apr 2011
    Just to get back in topic with regards to repossesed everest, would it be a good idea to get one? Haven't tried buying repossesed cars yet.

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    May 2006
    Super low downpayment kasi to dispose the old stocks, tapos pagdating sa monthly, di kinaya. Parang condo na pre-selling. 10k a month may condo na, pagdating ng ng 80% payment sa bangko na pataas ng pataas every yr. Deadz.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by bjreyesmd View Post
    Just to get back in topic with regards to repossesed everest, would it be a good idea to get one? Haven't tried buying repossesed cars yet.
    If you don't have trusty contact inside better not to. Yes it maybe cheaper in some ways but do you think i was maintained like it should be? Think again. Nabatak na nga because can't afford na.

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