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    Dec 2006
    personally id go for muscle cars rather than jap cars for its resale value hehe. plus they look more.. macho. but its all preference.

    hahah i find it pointless too that people say "oh your 69 z28 lost to my evo" hell those cars are YEARS apart. ._.

    "lets race on those bends and my nsx will eat your v8" well good but what about "lets race on straights and ill leave your supra to dust" diba?
    diff cars are made for diff preferences.

    and i think the point of muscle cars isnt american vs jap. basically all newer muscle cars, like some 2nd and 3rd gen camaros are called half breeds. the point of the whole muscle car thing is to show that grandpas hand me down car can still outrun newer cars. plus, cars are made according to how the country needs them. in america, your grocery could be long straights or roarsaway. in japan, well you can buy **** out of vendos so go figure. hehe.
    i hope nobody fights me *_* i dont wanna be trampled upon. :P

    but since this is muscle vs jap ingeniuity? well yeah id buy and sell an NSX, to buy me a bunch of muscle cars haha, i mean, theyre classics! with jap cars they just keep evolving and nothings wrong with that either.

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by leevan_lee
    diff cars are made for diff preferences.
    I've learned to love both Japanese & American(and euro) cars. They have their good points.
    I'd love to have a classic '67 Mustang fastback but at the same time I'd also like to have a classic 1970 Datsun 240Z

    One has pure muscle, simple mechanics and great looks to match, while the other one makes the most out of what it has(a smaller but more fuel efficient 2.4 liter inline-6, a compact lightweight body to improve its performance and 4-wheel independent suspension to improve its handling).

    I guess the same can be said with the modern versions of these cars(which I'd also love to have if I could afford them).

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    Jan 2006
    The 2006 Silver State Classic results......

    Interesting to note a number of Ford GT's participated........

    A snippet from the event description:

    "The Nevada Highway 318 events are identical, differing only in the time of year. They begin just South of Lund, at White Pine County just north of mile marker 9, head South through Nye County, and finish at Lincoln County mile marker 7. The journey traverses 90 miles of two lane highway which has recently been repaved and is in excellent condition, with long straights, twisty sections, and dips, which for the faster participants, may result in an airborne experience."

    I've missed going to the last 4 events. Maybe I can make next year's......

    90 miles all out. I still think this is the perfect event to settle old bets..... And much as I like my HKS Plymouth Laser RS Turbo, it wouldn't last 10 minutes in such a race......

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    Dec 2006
    well when youre cruising along california dont you just wish you had that convertible big block 454 vette with your other arm around your girl while you just stomp on that gas pedal enjoying the view as you drive along?

    whereas dont you wish you had your airconditioned 500 watt speaker, spring cushioned evo as you fling around with your friends in the colorful streets of tokyo?

    heheh just an insight, i think its getting too techy and people myt start arguin

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    Dec 2006
    euro cars are great for many trips, really comfy. hehe :P

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by redorange View Post
    Have you ever driven and car with the so called old pushrod V8? You can't replicate that kind of torque on a 3L turbo six or a high strung 4L V8 when you step on the gas. You also can't compare the rumble of the pushrod V8 at idle to the sound any of those engine make.
    you can with a turbo six from bmw, diesel pa (530d) hehe but yeah, even if you match the torque there's still nothing that can match that nice V8 rumble. tunog palang matatakot ka na. my ninong had this v8 car before with big holly carbs.. pag nire rev nya parang gusto ka ingest nung carbs eh

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ptk675 View Post
    you can with a turbo six from bmw, diesel pa (530d) hehe but yeah, even if you match the torque there's still nothing that can match that nice V8 rumble. tunog palang matatakot ka na. my ninong had this v8 car before with big holly carbs.. pag nire rev nya parang gusto ka ingest nung carbs eh
    Well if you want to include diesels then how about a Cummins 5.9L turbo straight 6, a GM Duramax 6.5L V8, and a Ford Powerstroke 6.4L V8. All these can pull over 1000lbft of torque and up to 700hp or more with just a chip reprogram, intake and exhaust change. BTW the diesel truck drag racing guys regularly pull sub 10sec 1/4 mile times and we aren't even talking about F150's here since those don't come with diesels. Try a F250/350 that weighs almost 2x more than the F150.

    But what do you get when you mix the American and Japanese?
    A Pinoy with creativity, take one Jeep(American) chassis and merge with an Isuzu(Japanese) engine. The Pinoy take the chassis and stretches it from a 4-5 seater to a vehicle that can hold 5 times that to rule the road.

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    May 2006
    Ano ngyari sa mga mag eeb at magkakarera natuloy ba? Balitaan niyo naman kami..

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by coiter View Post
    it's really about the race and physique...

    Americans = big, strong, brawny and wasteful

    Japanese = small, agile, ingenius and stingy

    Europeans = precise, neat, aristocratic and snobbish they make cars that act and look like themselves...ano kaya sa pinoy? hehe
    Pinoy = dirty, noisy, showy <--- jeepney

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    Oct 2006
    i believe this applies to american and japanese cars
    just to quote pirelli: "power is nothing without control"

    kaya impreza and evo parin - superb handling - perfect combination of power and control

    and to quote the big kulot guy in top gear in his review of evo vs impreza: "in the real world with bumps and hedges, wide bottom, ferraris and porches couldn't hope to keep up with either of them.

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American muscle vs japanese ingenuity