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    Sep 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by germs View Post
    Just curious... isn't this just half the story since the SkyActiv engine has a 13:1 compression ratio, which theoretically can give you more mileage per drop of fuel? :D
    Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know, the SkyActiv engine's 13.0:1 compression ratio means it burns less fuel compared lower compression vehicles so it does not really affect the performance, only the fuel economy.

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    Jun 2010
    Yep that's the point i was trying to raise. Even if the numbers show that CAR A has the same or slightly better power-to-weight ratio, the Mazda3 will still come out with better economy due to the compression ratio.

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    Dec 2006
    Power-to-weight between Altis and Mz3 might not be too large, but I assure you, on the road the Altis is livelier and much more responsive.

    For fuel economy of the Ecosport, feedback from FCP is about 12-13 km/L on provincial highway driving, which is pretty good.

    My point is, paper specs mean close to nothing.

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    May 2006
    Peak torque and hp figures are only for marketing.
    Kailangan tingnan yung torque and hp curve across the RPM range.
    Kung mataas agad ang torque sa lower RPM at generally flat ang torque curve ng isang kotse, mararamdaman mo in general na malakas ang acceleration kahit sa low RPM. Hindi mo kailangan diinan masyado ang apak ng accelerator para bumilis.
    Of course, may factor din dyan ang transmission gearing at programming lalu na kung AT.

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    Mar 2008
    I recently got the 2014 Altis and I am very happy with the super smooth ride and CVT I chose Honda 2nd because I find it as the next reliable brand to Toyota I am admittedly a Toyota fan.
    after several weeks of use, can you give us a real-world idea of the new altis's fuel efficiency?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    after several weeks of use, can you give us a real-world idea of the new altis's fuel efficiency?
    My experience with the new Altis is 9.4 km/L in city driving.

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    Jul 2012
    Some are claiming na masmatipid pa si altis compared to the new 1.3 vios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leodawesome View Post
    Some are claiming na masmatipid pa si altis compared to the new 1.3 vios.
    the altis figures i have been hearing are more bunched up than the varying figures for the vioses..
    perhaps the vios, being a smaller car, is more sensitive to loads and driving habits..

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    May 2011
    Summer na summer nagbaha Manila nung isang araw so i'll go to ecosport... Everytime na gamit mo sedan mo then may eencounter ka na baha maiisip mo yung ecosport lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnM View Post
    Altis 1.6V
    Toyota Altis | Choose your Vehicle | Toyota Philippines
    kerb weight: 1,265 kg
    power: 122bhp at 6,000rpm
    torque: 154Nm at 5,200rpm

    Mazda 3 1.5 sedan (sourced from brochure)
    kerb weight: 1,254 kg
    power: 112hp at 6,000rpm
    torque: 144Nm at 3,500rpm

    3 is down 11kg, down 10hp and down 10Nm vs the Altis (coincidence? ). Max torque comes lower on the rev range for the 3 though.
    I test driven the Mazda 3 in both flavors (2.0R and 1.5V) comparing it to my 2014 Altis 1.6V, the Engine output on the 1.5 is similar to the previous Gen 10.5 Altis 1.6V 4 A/T with a better Transmission. there are still those areas in the 1.5 3 where the acceleration is sluggish even if the transmission is trying hard to play with the 6 gears. The Altis on the other hand has carried over the engine of the previous gen but the improvement on how power is delivered is just amazing to the point that it feels like an entirely different machine compared to the gen 10.5. It just moves with poise and confidence everytime you step on the pedal and yes it is responsive and feels very light to drive.

    for the ride comfort, The Altis has a softer ride much like a Camry, The Mazda 3 is a bit firm but I find it more comfortable in the 3. The Altis tends to bounce a bit while the 3 is composed even with the 18 inch shoes. it handles road imperfections really well. the Mazda 3 IMO trumps the altis on Interior, equipment and build quality. and of course it handles very well. The engine note of both engines are both music to the ears

    Altis 1.6V vs.Mazda 3 1.5R
    IMO direct car to car comparison, I will still choose the Altis 1.6V. but given the factors like it is a lower sticker price, CBU Japan, Yojin 3, a lot of soul in the car and the feeling that it was intensively engineered from ground up. i might have chosen the Mazda 3. A 1.5R M/T WOULD BE NICE!!

    for the 2.0 Mazda, there is no doubt. i will buy it in a heartbeat more than any car in the competition

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