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    Apr 2008
    Kung ako, hanggang subcompact lang sa liit. The base models now have all power amenities and a decent sound system anyway, so its not really that bare. All we have to do is change the steel rims, and it doesn't cost that much to do so. IMHO, sub-subcompacts (pardon the term ) are good for single folks only.

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    Jan 2005
    for me i'd choose a sub-compact hatch as a daily drive than an suv.

    except maybe during rainy days.

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    Aug 2010
    sabagay, mas malaki nga ang trunk capacity ng isang sub-compact na honda city kesa sa kapatid niyang compact na honda civic.

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    Oct 2007
    Primary advantage of it is less fuel consumption and less emission, secondary is ease in maneuvering, the rest then are disavantages.

    Subcompact cars are good as everyday car going office and going back home where you are always yourself but provided that large highways are not included in your everyday route and such route is quite short. It's good also as secondary car "coding car" or as school service.

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    Oct 2002
    In a crash, mass will always be your friend. True, the Ford F150 crumples like an accordion in a fixed barrier crash test but crash into one while driving your micro car and the Ford will eat it for lunch.

    It always pays to put the most metal between you and the next guy.

    I also drive a compact but I've been crashed into while driving full sized vehicles and I believe I would have been worse off if the crash had happened while I was driving the compact.

    So I'd still pick the Accent or Vios sized vehicle or step up the (even the basic) Corolla or Civic. Not sure about the availability of ABS and SRS on those models but even my full size car doesn't have 'em so it's nothing new for me.
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