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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by leodawesome View Post
    ^ Introduced pa lang. Yung waiting time for owning one iba pa.
    Di naman siguro ganun gahaba yung pila by then, unlike sa current EcoSport na 3 months waiting time (sabi ng Ford Libis sa akin). Dati, yung Fortuner, up to 6 months pa waiting period.

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    Jan 2014
    ugly pla sayo everest ,ranger kana
    leaf spring pareho
    pang family use better alternative for everst(montero,fortuner,alterra,)

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by supercar10 View Post
    old ass mechanism (not rack and pinion)
    The dangers of shopping based on spec-sheet rather than real world... the Everest's steering is, indeed, an old school recirculating ball mechanism... but the outgoing one is part of the generation that was vetted by an engineering team led by a Jaguar man.

    It may just be "recirculating ball", but it has more road feel than the Ranger's electric rack and pinion, and it's more accurate and trustworthy than some of the rack and pinion hydraulic and electric racks in the competition.

    The rather rough ride and old-school interior, though... that's still an issue.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2012
    The Ranger XLT no longer has a waiting time, the Wildtrak still has but its only a few months
    The everest is already old and unless discounts or reasons of convenience sway you to a Ford, you are better off getting a more modern Montero or Sorento if you actually need an SUV

    Parking a 5.3M long Ranger will be a difficult task in tight parking buildings, you have to think twice before going anywhere. For example you would probably have to do a 3-point turn in Lucky Chinatown Mall in every single floor (8 floors?) going down unless you want to risk kerbing your wheels. Trinoma and Shangrila (the old one) parking buildings are out of the question until you've mastered it (or willing to risk kerbing, then again you have 65 or 70 series tires).

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