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    i am super new on this site the reason why i joined here coz my family is purchasing a van which is they did far that i've learned from d4d or i heared is that they are dbw (drive by wire) means that the throttle responce is a lot slower than reg cable wire...coz its a wire not cable...and im pretty sure that d4d has slower mas air flow into the intake... so chocking problem on drive by wire is not really a common problem its the way it was made and of course its for the fuel efficiency thats why it built...great example is the jdm k20a from type r in japan vs. k20a civic type r in japan..or usdm 06 civic si or a 06 acura rsx type s...civics are dbw drive by wire and rsx s are cable...comparing engine to engine toyota is the winner has a better sleeve and the compression is lower so i think it is safe to turn up the boost and maybe a dyno tuning down the road then it will be a bad ass van...
    choking problems in D4d engines , i think is in the fuel system not the air intake...

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    sinabi na sa inyo male version yan ni jenina san miguel

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