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    Quote Originally Posted by jiboy_69ners View Post
    Thanks niky.

    lets me just ask, mas importante ba yung year ng sasakyan.. what i mean is.. yung sir 2000 yung vti mga 2002... so, yung vti wla pang 5 years.. di ba? dapat ko bang iconsider yun pagbibili ng 2nd hand car. but i really like sir


    Although a car's age is important in your case, you also have to consider that age does not always determine the condition of the car. So even though the vti 2002 maybe younger in years against the 2000 SiR, if it has been poorly maintained then it may come out technically older than the SiR.

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    That's very true... ^ ...just look at our Crosswind, 2 years old and already it's at 100,000 kms. The gearshift flops, you can get into reverse straight from 5th gear (really have to get that #$%^ fixed!) and the headrest monitor has fallen out of its socket.

    It's still running good, though. And for a secondhand car, that's what counts. Look past the cosmetics and listen to the engine and suspension, and hear what they have to tell you. Idling on cold start-ups (make sure the car wasn't "warmed up" just for you) and idling in hot traffic are equally important. As is the sound and feel of the engine under acceleration and cruising.

    Listen for squeaks, rattles, clunks, and the like while on the road. Test all the rubber and see that nothing's cracked or hard or brittle.

    And if you're not sure you can tell the difference, bring a mechanic along, or someone familiar with the cars, so they can tell you how good the condition is.

    Good luck.

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    mga bosing how much ba ngaun mdl 99-00 vtec manual transim planning to buy within this week

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    VTi or SiR?

    VTi around 250-300 depending on the condition... lowball maybe 230-240.

    SiR around 350-550 depending, also... lowball 350.

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