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    Oct 2002
    i c.... actually, patrol na talaga naiisip ko din eh..... thanks for the post guys.. btw, akala ko 1.7 lang yung patrol? 1.9 ba yung a/t?

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    Oct 2002
    hehe mbt i dont blame u, it really seems like im spoiled kasi im asking my parents for a new car for my bday, pero thats not true, actually, im kinda "working" for it, if i keep my grades up until june, i get a new ride, if i start failing (like i usually do back in high school) ill still get a ride, our old 6 year old lancer (the horror) *shivers*

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    Oct 2002
    im not sure if its 6 years, it could be older...... :shock:

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    Oct 2002
    hmm ano ba choices natin kung local lahat 4x2...
    1. nissan patrol
    2. isuzu trooper
    3. mitsu pajero

    ...i know toyota imports the prado and land cruiser pero sobrang mahal...the age old terrano is discontinued...

    sa mini suv dami
    1. toyota rav4
    2. suzuki vitara
    3. suzuki jimny
    4. crv - mahaba pa ba pila?
    5. escape - gud luck in finding pala to..

    bakit di kasama pala ford e local naman na ang ford?...sama mo na i bet you you'd end up in a ford...

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    Oct 2002
    nakalimutan mo pa yung subaru forester...

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    Oct 2002
    oo nga no subaru forester pa pala...e kahit anong marketing ang gawin nila wagon ang tingin ko dun e na 4x4 lang..pati seating position mababa....pero gusto ko yung volvo na cross country..lalo na yung bago xc90...someone mentioned the chayenne nga pala...dont like yun parang nabastos ng porshe yung sarili nila sa paggawa nun parang fake sa kin...

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    Oct 2002
    best looking is IMHO
    1. PATROL
    2. LC100
    3. LC80
    4. PAJERO
    5. SAFARI

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    Oct 2002
    1.) Safari Patrol :D
    2.) Gen2 Pajero
    3.) LC 80
    4.) Gen1 Patrol
    5.) FJ 45P

    ooops! :D

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    Oct 2002
    1) Gen 2 "Blister" Pajero
    2) Gen 2 "Tonka" Pajero
    3) everything else :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    cguro for me....I'd choose 2002 Nissan Patrol then convert it to 4x4 na lang.....

    question fellow peeps....

    would a 1997 3.2li GASO AT 4x4 Isuzu Trooper a bargain for 450 K ?

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whats the best LOOKING suv/truck na available sa pinas?