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    Oct 2002
    yeah SUV rocks!

    as we run out of fossil fuel the more we demand for gus guzzling vehicle!

    Yup we are all going to die!

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    Oct 2002
    if i got it right, the americans are starting to feel the crunch of their gas-guzzlers at the pump, what with the recent record prices of gasoline! in fact, they're starting to pay more attention to more economical diesels again hehe...

    for sure, the americans have been spoiled by ultra-cheap gas prices in the past decade, but environmental and fuel cost issues are starting to be taken seriously by the american public.

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm, hindi kaya idump na naman nila dito mga gas guzzlers nila?

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    Oct 2002
    uy okey yun, sandamakmak ng mga fully-loaded land cruiser 80's and 100's itatambak dito, tapos engine swap nalang sa de-krudo hehehe

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    Dec 2003
    signs that the american public are becoming more environment-friendly in their choice for vehicles: prius hybrid sales are off the roof, one has to wait 6-12 months before you can drive and buy one (toyota japan said it will increase its prius production, again due to demand in the US) escape hybrid now out
    3.diesel-engine cars from VW and MB are getting press attention
    4.hummer sales are going down!!!
    5.trucks and SUV sales increased by 1% this year so far, down fro m the 15% increase for several years now
    6.vans (mom-mobiles) sales up 11%
    7.more hybrids coming out like accord,camry,toyota highlander/lexus rx330 twin SUVs

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