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    Oct 2002
    Agree ako kay Leon, don't believe the odo. Yung sa akin 1996 model 30K pa lang ang indicated. And to think, office ang may ari nito.

    Aminado naman yung dealer na ni-roll back niya.

    Ke-rollback, ke-hindi wala na ko magagawa. Ganda ng condition ng unit, eh. SOLD!
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    Oct 2002
    buksan mo yung mga sidings at least tig isang side para makita mo kondisyon ng loob ng pinto.
    kita mo din dito kung binaha unit

    kahit kailan nga wag ka maniniwala sa odo
    unless may TXN hardcopy

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    Oct 2002
    hirap talaga makakita ng sariwa... if ever na bibili ka, dapat kilala mo yung original owner & how he/she drives... odometer reading is not that important...

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    Oct 2002
    mas ok talaga pag makakuha ka ng car sa isang close friend at kakilala mo. there is less chance na you will be getting a lemon. yung pajero namin bili namin sa friend ng mom ko. 91 pa ung pajero pero it still runs like a champ. d kasi mashado nagamit nung may-ari kasi laging nasa labas ng bansa. kinis pa nga eh. nung nkuha namin 70k pa lng tinatakbo. and sobrang fresh pa.

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    Oct 2002
    the best is you know the owner of the car and the way he drove and maintained the car from the day it was bought. Yun sure na okay yung auto pag makuha mo

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    Oct 2002
    It also helps kung may kilala ka sa mga classified ads section ng newspaper (Bulletin, Buy and Sell) or sa banko... they can tip you off as well. When we advertised our Corolla before, someone already called up at 6am on the day it was to be published... the guy turned out to be a buy and sell dealer.

    When my tito sold his AE101 before, it had 60K on the odo and a lot of dents. I saw it in a car dealer along Congrssional/Mindanao with a 30K+ on the odo and the guy said "Walang retouch" :p

    As the others have mentioned, it takes a lot of time and patience to look for a used car. If you happen along a used car dealer, try to look up the previous owner of the car if you can. We've done this already before and we found out that the car we were lookng at, whose odometer read 46+K, already had more then 125K on the odo and that he (the dealer) upped the price by 50K from the original purchase price.

    Try to lift the car up in a gas station as well to see the suspension and the underchassis. If there's seatcovers or steering covers, look under it. Look under the doorpanels and also on the body panels under the rubber linings and plastic covers. Look at the edges of the body panels in the engine bay and trunk. Look for overspray in the wheel wells and other body parts. A lot can be observed by looking at "what's beneath"

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    Oct 2002
    It's actually better to buy 2nd hand, because the first owner always suffers the biggest devaluation. The hard part is doing the shopping right. If possible, buy from reputable channels and always have someone who knows how to give the car a once-over with you.

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm. too bad that knocking on the panel thing doesnt have much effect in getting old MB's.... kasi kahit wlang masilya, matigas ang tunog ng MB.... i have had a lot people criticize my car kasi daw ang kapal ng masilya... hehehe.. anyway...

    MBT, have you tried HCPi?.. i know they have units being sold by previous owners via HCPi. So more or less backed by HCPi maintenance transactions yung mga yun..... try mo lang....go to HCP board and ask for Ramir..... he might be able to help you out..

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    Oct 2002

    already tried asking HCP... wala e. now i'm looking for a 2nd hand SUV nalang, trooper or pajero or lc80... kung wala talaga, um, 2k2 cr-v nalang (but i really don't like it) :|

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    Oct 2002
    based on the vehicles you mentioned.. medyo biglang bagsak nga ynug choices from teh paj tapos biglang naging CR-V... eheheh...

    pagtyagaan mo na lang na makahanap nung mga choices mo.... dont settle for anything less.....

    oops!.. sensya na sa mga Honda owners.. honda owner din ako.. pero kung pagkukumparahin mo yung crv dun sa trooper/paj/lc80... sensya na. .handsdown na nde crv ang pipiliin ko..:D

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