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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Gino!

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    Oct 2002
    nice to know that there are girls here who are car audio enthusiasts too.......:D
    just don't hesitate to ask and we'd be glad to help......good luck to your journey into sound........:D

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    Nov 2002

    Actually, I'm interested with both your amps. However, since I don't have the moolah yet, I am already assuming either your or Gino's amp will be sold before my cash comes in.

    To be totally honest, if I get the cash and both your amps are still available, I'd be inclined to get the cheaper one ( Gino's), as economics play a vital part in my decision making.

    Sorry hija if I confused you or something, it wasn't intended.

    I am interested to check out the amp though...........

    ....and the owner......j/k....... :wink:

    Have a great day ahead!!!

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