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    Quote Originally Posted by v6dreamer View Post
    Oh boy, magkakandarapa tayo dito.

    The first step is for check for system noise (or hiss) with the engine off (ACC on). Insert a blank tape, or put your CD player on pause. Listen to the system with the volume control completely down then dahan dahan turned the volume control completely up. Now, turn the volume back down again and put on some music. If you hear a bothersome amount of hiss in either instance, start over with the gain-setting process. Try to pass more signal from the receiver to the amp by leaving the receiver's volume control set higher before you adjust the amp's gain settings, just like your TUNING your system (kapag wala sa tuning ang system nagkakaron ng hissing) Experiment until you've eliminated the hiss or reduced it as much as possible. Unless you're planning to enter your system in competition, a tiny bit of hiss is OK na yan. You won't hear it when you're driving, kasi maingay puro kalabog ang maririnig mo.

    WARNING: You must remove your "in-line fuse" sa POWER CABLE yong nasa malapit ng batterya before doing this.
    In any amp installation, lalong lalo na if one that involves multiple amps and and and an electronic crossover or equalizer, engine noise can creep in. You may hear a whining, whirring or clicking sound. Often its pitch varies with engine speed. Curing it can be as simple as isolating your amp housing from the chassis of your vehicle, using a different brand of patch cord, or adding a simple noise suppressor(not now,wag ka munang bibili). The tricky part is figuring out which step or steps to take. Try some of the simple diagnostics. Before you purchase any noise filters or do anything too drastic. First, make sure your amp housing is isolated from chassis ground. As I mentioned to isolate, you should mount it on board or use rubber grommets or "feet" if you're attaching it to the chassis of your vehicle, and eliminate too much ground loop sa groud wire( yong tamang tama lang ng haba) and use ground wire not smaller than 8 gauge or same as your Power Cable(8guage or bigger). Again, you must connected into a clean chassis bolt (lihain mo hangang sa bare metal) for better connection.

    To determine whether the noise is coming in through the speaker wires, turn the system off and disconnect the speaker wires from the amplifiers. Now start the car. If the noise is still present, then it is being radiated directly into the speaker wires. Move the speaker leads, or,as a last resort, shield them from the radiated noise by wrapping them with Mu-metal foil. Kapag walang available, aluminum foil will do the trick.

    [SIZE=6]Kapag lahat nito ay hindi na solve ang problema mo, let me know. Marami pang solusyon.[/SIZE]

    Thanks for the great advice!!

    do you have a shop?

    I'll try to do all of your advice 1 by 1 maybe this weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESi_93 View Post
    Thanks for the great advice!!

    do you have a shop?

    I'll try to do all of your advice 1 by 1 maybe this weekend
    Nope! I dont have a shop. Its my hobby to install car system from basic to db drag.

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    i already diagnosed my problem and found out it's engine noise...amp is not touching the, where can i find that noise suppressor? TIA

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static po need help