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    Jul 2008
    thanks na lang po...satisfied na ko sa sounds ko hehehe anyways, iba pa rin pag stock... wag lang basag! hehe good day

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    May 2006
    my theory is,, after all they are all made in china.. hehehe.. but Proline is a taiwan company and so maybe just maybe they actually build better quality HU to compete with the HU units that are Branded.. and truth be told i thnk you pay 50% more or less for the name of the HU unit.. and then again.. i could be just wrong. heheheh

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by aejhayl17 View Post
    dont trust this HU from raon. mura lang siya. but the quality and durabilty is at stake. try to save up for cheap/middle priced branded HU models. P5 to 10k HU sa banawe then pair it up with quality speaker not actully those hi end speakers = mostly satisfied thirst for quality sound.

    if you want to get into extreme, total AV upgrade!

    boom! boom! Shake! Shake!:jump: totalled pockets:jawdrop:
    Just curious: have you ever owned a Fidelity HU or are you just basing your opinion based on what you read, heard or 2nd hand information?


    A Raon regular here. Been buying stuff from Raon since the 80s'. "Generic HU" units? Bought 2-3 of those (Proline brand) and I didn't have any problem. In fact, one is still fully functional and is installed on my dilapidated owner-type jeep. Friggin' thing outlived the Sony HU of my Lancer itlog (not Xplod model).

    Thread poster: your call to make. Take people's advice here as a "grain of sold". Ask the vendor if you can "audition" the Fidelity HU. Most of the vendors in Raon are kind enough to let potential buyers audition an HU, an amp or a set of speakers. If the audio sounds decent enough for your tastes, why not? In the end, it's your money, your decision to make, your contentment and your happiness that matters - not what we say here.

    Good luck!

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    Nov 2005
    TS pogi, check mo yung audiomobile, ang haba ng thread na yun

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    Nov 2006
    yup! in the end, it is YOUR ears that should be satisfied...
    i know i am... Proline/Targa/V12... DIY install... sarap!

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    Feb 2006
    nung early 90's na try ko din "gineric" digital hu from deeco/ proline equalizer booster gpx-888, proline/yamaha amp pati na koncert speakers 6x9 midrange, 12" subs DIY... ma-satisfy mo rin gusto mo, nowdays dami nga pioneer hu china made naman... iba parin syempre alpine/branded audio system

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by nicolodeon View Post
    Just curious: have you ever owned a Fidelity HU or are you just basing your opinion based on what you read, heard or 2nd hand information?

    yes sir,i do have a first hand experience sa HU from raon,. nasira tapos may pinalitan sa loob, something na bilog na nakasolder, tapos nasira ule, ganon ulet ginawa, the last time na nasira, sinukuan ko na, dinispatcha ko na sa basurahan, kalat lang sa garahe,this happened by late 2007 kung kelan madalas pa ko sa quiapo. limot ko na yung pinaka itsura nung past HU na yun but i think mga more or less 2k siya. anyways, anu yung FIDELITY HU? pinalit ko is pioneer na old school na din eh by 08 na, pasalubong lang galing abroad,. got the same problem with v12 amp for the same area, pero hanggang now gumagana pa naman, 2x na nasisira. thanks for the inquiry. good day sir

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterZerg View Post
    Hi guys dumaan ako raon kanina i saw one HU classy design pero im not sure with the sound quality. Fidelity yung branch 2600 pesos with can play DVD/CD/MP3/WAV and has a USB... I was just wondering kung ok ba to... im sure we cannot compare it sa mga leading brands like pioneer etc... baka may nakapagtry na po ng mga head units na to... thanks.

    balak ko kasi palitan yung HU ko na honda alpine may tape pa hahaha
    Sir ito din experience ko..dumaan ako sa Raon nakita ko tong Mobile authority 1000watts..paid 4500php it was 2 and a half foot long and it was very heavy.. it was running two 15" subs 250rms each.. few months later to my surprised bigla na lang namatay ang amplifier..
    if I only knew kung ano ang laman ng amps or ask somebody..hindi sana mangyayari ito na pa-ulit-ulit ang gastos....My point is ang mga tao na nagpost ng comments(bad or good) take it as constructive..dahil advantage ito sa atin..walang ganitong forum before na may pwiding tayong mapagtanongan..

    Anyways, ito po ang laman sir! Purple po ang color yong nabili ko sa Raon.

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