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    Sep 2007
    hmm why is it that all of you has better experience with cassetre adapter?

    in my experience it gives a "basag" high pitchsounds.

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    Jan 2003
    ^Baka madumi na yung tape head mo sir.

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    Dec 2005

    FM modulator for me. Used to have one and was satisfied with its (stereo) sound quality....

    However, if you do not have the dough now to buy a HU with an AUX in or USB, then you might want to have a local car stereo shop modify your HU to bring out an AUX in line.....Sound should be way better.


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    Dec 2007
    A wired connection beats FM signals any time. Trust me I know. The closest to that with respect to the two options is the cassette adapter.

    Still, I would save the money instead for a new head unit. Ang daming murang HU ngayon na may aux-in. Mas maganda ang quality ng signal nun.

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    Jul 2008
    Also done that (cassette connector).

    Still doing it (the FM modulator).

    Now between the 2, messy lang ang connector because of the wirings. The modulator is fine if your hearing is not well refined.

    But IMO, a new HU with USB and AUX-in still works best.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by JackFlash View Post
    Don't know kung natanong na ito noon, but I need your help. What has better sound quality - an FM tuner or cassette connector for ipod? It's for an old car w/ an old set-up: AM/FM/cassette, nothing else. A new head unit is too expensive at this pt. Thanks.
    we are in the same boat bro. no budget to get a new HU. the first two weeks, i was using a cassette connector on my stock HU on speakers, the sound output is too dull. but when i am using the radio, the sound is tolerable (hindi tunog lata).

    buti na lang i was keeping my old modulator here, tried it on my ipod and the sound quality improved, even though hindi pa sya ganung kaganda.

    so to answer your question, i think the modulator would sound better than a cassette adaptor, but the long term solution would be to upgrade my HU and speakers.


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    Feb 2005
    Tried CDR king fm transmitter P480

    Ok rin naman kaso mababawasan talaga ang sound quality. Planning to change HU na USB ready pati na rin speaker. Di ako satisfied sa transmitter....

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