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    Nov 2002
    bitin yun 500w sa 13w7. better get the 1000/1 which goes for 40-50k also. check that sub n amp 80k na. peak is 2000w. recommended continuous is 1000w. or get a high powered amp at 4 ohms - which can be run/stable in a 3ohm impedence. 3ohms kase yun w7's. say for example an amp at 800wX1 at 4ohms it will be 1200w at 3ohms when you connect it to the sub.

    check with a+ audio or jetcar. from what i've heard next year Q1 pa darating.

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    Oct 2002
    ok na ang 500/1 na JL Audio para sa 10 W7 , kahit 10 " lang not bad for sub
    na parang dalawang regular 12" woofers ang performance .

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    Nov 2002
    tama, bitin 500w sa 13w7. JL 1000/1 and kailangan. yung (2) 12w7 ko tama lang yung 750-800w bawat sub. Pero mag-upgrade ako para 1000w each sub.

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13.5 jl w7