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    Oct 2002
    Thanks sa reply and yung point na sinabi mo, I'll refer that to the manufacturer.

    Actually, approved na yung distributorship ko, but I'm still getting the feel if it will be marketable in the Philippines. I have some samples sa pinas and I've tried it myself. Okay naman as it really can remove dirt with just light buffing. After I'm done, I was really impressed that I was able to clean my car without any use of water. The shine is quite good too! It might not replace the traditional wax that we used on our cars, but it does the job well. And one good thing is that you can use it as often as you want without damaging your paint.

    My original plan is to distribute it in supermarkets as well as shops like Ace Hardware or the Handyman and probably in petrol stations also. Yes, the main challenge there is convincing the consumers and changing their mindsets. There are ways to do that including putting a TV demo inside the shop or conducting a live presentation.

    Anyway, still on the drawing board pa lahat. Hopefully everything will turn out positive.

    Cheers :D

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    Oct 2002
    IceCold: You have two main hurdles with this product: 1) Mindset, as you guys mentioned; 2) Competition... P50 car washes are hard to compete against...

    But then again, depende na sa marketing yan... I'm sure quite a bit of car nuts will be willing to buy your product due to reasons like it's always dusty in their area, lack of water, not trusting sidewalk washes, etc... I'll get a bottle or two when you bring it in... I've used waterless washes before with my boss' boat back in the US, it works well.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks mga peeps. :D
    All your comments are welcome and noted.
    Post ko na lang siguro uli kung tuloy o hindi he he :D

  4. yebo8 Guest
    meron ba nyan pwede gamitin sa tao? waterless bath? yun kasi isang kasama ko dito sa trabaho na indian dehins goli e dami naman tubig dito sa rig. para pag nangangamoy na e spray ko na lang sa kanya :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    yebo: in those cases, sprayan om nalang ng lysol hehe disinfectant pa...

  6. yebo8 Guest
    ginawa ko na yan pare hehehe! pag pasok nya bigla nangamoy bawang at katitchas sa loob ng opis. dampot ako ng lysol spray ako. sabi ko, P*#%** we have plenty of water and soap why can't you take a bath! sagot sa akin e naligo na daw siya 2 days ago, bad for the health daw ang maligo everyday hehehe! namputsa, monthly reporting pa naman nuon so kelangan ko tapusin. ubusin ko nga yun lysol. nagalit! nagalit pa ang kups!

    naalala ko tuloy ang sinabi ni speedy gonzales: "senor, can i kill him please. just a little. i promise it won't hurt."

    patience yebo, patience!

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