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OK I lied about this one. Napadaan ako ng SM kanina at hindi ko na napigilang bumili ng scratch X. Dali-dali akong umuwi at sinubukan agad ito.

First, nagtry ako muna doon sa marks sa may side mirror. 1st application... 2nd... 3rd... aba parang nanipis. nakaabot yata ako ng 10th pero konti pa lang naalis. Tumigil ako at nagtry doon sa maliit na mark sa may fender. Naka 3rd application yata ako ng mapansin ko na naging light na ang marking, i tried to look it from afar and parang naging orange yata paint ko? May mga angle na parang kulay orange na yata yung paint.

Damn, nasobrahan yata ako sa pressure. Tinago ko na yung scratch eh I and don't wanna hold it again.

Doon sa side mirror, naging bright red na ang kulay pero may mga spots na ayaw maalis.

I think I didn't properly used the scratch x. Nagkamali ako ng paggamit. Nasobrahan ako sa paggamit.

I learned something today and I learned it the hardway.

Pababaayan ko na muna yung mga watermarks and let it serve its purpose - to remind me to be gentle using such products and mas lalong alagaan ang kotse ko.
most probably, you've pushed down to zero your clear coat... meaning inubos mo na...

btw, what scratchx did you buy? there are actually 2 kinds of scratchx... the original "scratchx" and "scratchx 2.0." the difference is this... scratchx is a lot milder than scratchx 2.0 and the orignal one is already phased out. megs don't produce scrathx anymore. all they produce is scratchx 2.0.

just an observation, since you have done up to 3 tries, you should have stopped already. it means that the product is not the right one for your paint. iirc, i suggested earlier to start with swirlx.

in megs consumer line of products, the order from most aggresive to least is ultimate compound, scratchx 2.0, swirlx. always start with the least aggressive. if not done in 1 or 2 tries, go higher. i'll tell you the secret in the megs consumer line... if you cant do it with swirlx, go for uc. why not scratchx 2.0? yes, it can be done with this product, BUT scratchx 2.0 is NOT economically helpful if it would be done on the whole car. just keep scratchx 2.0 in your car for emergency purposes of removing scratches on the fly while you are out of your garage. while in your garage, play between swirlx and uc and leave scratchx 2.0 inside your car. there are times that a follow up of swirlx will be very useful after uc application.

don't forget to top up with wax after paint correction.