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    Mar 2003
    titanium silver, samurai gold, suzuka blue and phantom gray.

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    Oct 2002
    trip ko din black dati. pero maganda nga silver. gusto ko din un e.

    pero ngayon ngayon lang.... parang ayaw ko na ng black. kasi hindi kita sa gabi. hehehe. kanina kasi may naatrasan ako na black na lancer box type. hehe. sorry don sa naatrasan ko. buti na lang mabait. hehe.

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    May 2004
    arctic silver

  4. #24
    silverbx986: Sir, Is that the color of your porsche?

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    May 2004
    yes....hehe. ok ang color na silver kahit ano pang car. hindi halata yung dumi.
    unlike black, kita kagad.

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    May 2004
    Black and Silver!

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    Oct 2002
    ayoko ng Silver, very common nung naka Civic ako. Kung mag silver man ako, Porsche! di ba silverbx986? hahahaha

    Saka mas mataas ang resale value ng Silver "daw"

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    Dec 2002
    Black pag mga SUV's & Trucks, kasi mas maganda dating
    Silver or Red pag sedans. :fight:

  9. #29
    siyempre depends on the vehicle itself..

    black-->elegance,high maintenance..actually like ito ng wife ko
    blue-->good alternative to black,fav color ko
    silver-->less maintenance ito..para sa medyu tamad maglinis,di halata ang gasgas.
    white-->di masyado gasgasin,halata ang putik..ayaw ng misis ko... kasi mahirap tumanggi sa kamag-anak na kinakasal..
    red-->pambata/singles and active...dito kami mag-aaway na kulay,pero ferrari lang gusto ng misis ko na red car..

    other colors-->for personal preference


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    Oct 2002
    part of the reason why white, silver and black are popular in the US is that these are the colors that car dealers order for their inventory. dealers stock their lots with cars they think will move quickly and they prefer 'standard' colors so they don't have to worry about the color being an issue when selling.

    this is a problem for me, because i am much too impatient to order the exact car/color i want and wait 3 i buy off the lot.

    my bimmer is black because i couldn't get the exact options i wanted in topaz blue. when i bought my MR2 turbo i wanted this bluish-silver metallic color and it took me 2 months to find it.

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