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    Quote Originally Posted by jonjon_u View Post
    I'm a fan of cleaner waxes. They're a very valued part of my detailing regimen. So I'd humbly submit my 2 cents, so to speak.

    IMO, when it comes to detailing the paint, there are a number of factors that come into play para masabi na "nakakaubos" ng paint ang isang product or process. You'd have to factor:

    - the product itself (does it function like an aggressive polish or compound?)
    - the pad or material used in applying the product (was a coarse pad used?)
    - the method used in applying the product (was a rotary or machine polisher used? and was excessive pressure used in applying the product?)

    I'd venture to say that when the above factors are not present, cleaner waxes applied regularly, although gently, by hand, and with a soft foam applicator pad, would hardly make any noticeable or alarming decrease in the thickness of the paint.

    Hope this helps.
    yes i agree with you sir. it's ideal to apply un cleaner wax via soft foam applicator, and remove by hand/MF cloth... the use of machine buffer (with wool/foam pads) ideal sya for polishing and rubbing compounds IMHO...

    and sorry guys for the misunderstanding regarding cleaner wax in my prior post...

    Quote Originally Posted by manny31671 View Post
    you will also see sa mga shops meron un cleaner wax. nun newbie ako ito un recommended nang sales rep sa isang shop, magaling daw maglinis and may wax na at the same time, so binili ko and ginamit... un pala meron mild polish ito, na when you use it regularly uubusin nya unti unti un clear coat mo... loko un sales rep (kidding). you don't have to get this muna...
    i was just replying to a prior post...

    Quote Originally Posted by ArrJay0712 View Post
    ...I'm planning to wax our car soon. What can you suggest para di matanggal yung wax? Makakatulong ba kung mataas yung water beading property nung wax? What wax can you suggest?

    i recommended pure carnauba, instant detailer and spray wax. all three good for protection and gloss... kasi he also said nababasa nang tubig nang kapitbahay nya un auto daily, kaya ayos i apply daily un spray wax and instant detailer...

    thinking ganito din ako when i was also looking for what type of wax to use, kasi newbie ako sa mga wax at the time i asked the sales rep... binigay nya kaagad cleaner wax... pwede naman pure carnauba or spray wax nalang para newbie friendly

    liberal pa man din kung ilagay ko un cleaner wax, as in makapal... kasi newbie ako at that time with wax...

    pero now, will be using cleaner wax not often than i used to... every 2 or 3 months nalang, instead of monthly. kasama padin sya sa regimen ko...


    btw, sometimes also thinking the right way to apply the cleaner wax. gently ba with soft foam?... like how we apply the regular wax. OR in circular motion, un meron gentle rubbing action para maalis un any nakadikit na contaminants sa clear coat...

    your thought on this guys...

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    *manny31671: Hmmm i don't notice them being any different in terms of protection, but for the the difference would be that FX spray wax like the wax counterpart gives better reflectivity and shine, where the Reflections give better gloss/wet look and depth. Yup all 3 are very good recommendations in maintaining your paint, people usually just think that waxing monthly would already do the trick but in reality where our climate is really harsh, sometimes we need more than monthly waxing to keep our cars paint in prime condition.

    Well the pressure would depend, if the paint is still in great condition then you could just apply it like a wax with very light pressure, but since i don't use cleaner waxes monthly and sometimes use is every other month or every 3 months i like to add a little pressure to the paint to remove oxidized paints and old wax layers to layer a new fresh layer of wax. So basically the good thing with cleaner waxes IMO is that you could increase the pressure depending on how deep you want to clean contaminants or stains but even if you apply moderate pressure it still won't cut as much as polishes. Just don't apply it where you could feel the paint firmly pressed hard against your finger, thats pushing too hard already.

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    tnx again for the advice maam madkatz, now alam kuna difference nila...

    FX spray wax - better shine
    Reflections - better gloss/wet look

    subukan kuna din un Reflections

    btw, more on cleaner wax, got this from mothers site:

    i think ito un recommended use nang mothers 3-step ultimate wax system:

    step 1 - pre wax cleaner, twice a year
    step 2 - sealer & glaze, every 2 months
    step 3 - pure carnauba wax, every 2 months din

    gawin kuna every 4 months nalang yun use ko nang cleaner wax, bale thrice a year, for my clear coat to be on the safe side

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    The Step 1 is different from the Cleaner wax.

    Step 1 is a pure light polish and doesn't offer any form of protection

    Cleaner wax is actually a combination of all 3 steps but just does a simpler job of all 3. Its like a baby version of all 3 combined into one wax. With the cleaner waxes you could use it more often as compared to Step1, Step 1 is made for light to moderate defect removal and paint cleaning, while Cleaner wax is made for light oxidation removal and very light defect removal only.

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    tnx maam madkatz. btw, tried searching wax forum nang mothers site regarding cleaner wax... para more insights on how often we can safely use it... (hope it is ok to post mothers forum link here in Tsikot... tnx sirs)...

    sabi nila (mothers) - "you'd probably want to use the Carnauba Cleaner Wax every 4-6 weeks -- you shouldn't need to wax every week. While it does have polishes, it's not what we'd call abrasive".

    like sir jonjon_u said, safe talaga sya gamitin regularly, cguro not more than once every 2 months para safe talaga...

    lastly, gusto kudin subukan yun mothers sealer and glaze (also read about it in mothers wax forum), they advertise it like this-

    "functioning as a sort of gap-filler... these hide imperfections such as spiderwebbing, swirl marks and light scratches... conceals any remaining spots or blemishes".

    cguro final regimen ko would be like this na...

    1. instant detailer- daily cleaner
    2. FX spray wax (better shine) or Reflections spray wax (wet look)- every 4th or 5th day
    3. carnauba wax- monthly
    4. cleaner wax- every two months
    5. sealer and glaze- after using cleaner wax, followed by carnauba wax as final protection

    complete na system ko... iwas iwas nalang sa daan dun sa pwede mag scratch sa ini ingatan ko paint job

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    Quote Originally Posted by manny31671 View Post
    btw, aside from keeping dust from my car. problem din sa area namin un mga pusakal (alley cats). pumapasok sila sa ilalim nang auto and into the engine para matulog. just last year pinasok nila van ko, then when i turn on the van the next morning, biglang me nag ingay sa loob nang engine compartment. wasak un pusa pero me sinira (aircon and power steering belt). after selling the van last year, pinasok na din nila twice yun auto ko, andami hair nila naiwan sa engine compartment and me scratch marks un plastic engine cover. fearing me sisirain pa sila, baka un mga wires, i got so desperate i now cover my car like this every night-

    fully protected na ang auto every night, car cover to keep off dust and pupu nang mga butiki, and plastic screen to keep off pusakals...

    me peace of mind na ako before sleeping
    Hehehe tindi!

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    nasanay na din... everynight after i tuck the kids to bed, auto ko naman lalagyan ko nang kumot and "kulambo"...

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