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    Oct 2002
    pano linisin yung engine bay? ano ba ginagamit panglinis nito? takot kc ako baka may mabasa ako na hindi dapat mabasa tapos masira pa oto ko... super dumi na kasi e... tapos wala naman akong time and money para magpalinis sa labas...

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    Oct 2002
    cover your distributor cap, yung horn ng alarm and the aftermarket airfilter with a plastic bag. Tapos hose mo engine bay avoiding the valve cover.

    Kuha ka timba with car shampoo tapos shampoo mo na engine bay.

    ...or try mo sa mga car wash. Around 100 pesos to 150 pesos carwash and engine wash na.

    Ako ayaw ko lang yung gamit nila gas as degreaser eh. Baka delikado mga hoses nun pag nalagyan ng gaas. well sa iba daw naman na shop medyo diluted yung kerosene kaya ok na for a degreaser

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    Oct 2002
    If you wanna do it yourself, I suggest you have the ff: on hand...

    1) Alkaline degreaser, Simple Green, Orange Glo, etc would work well. Purple Muscle works well too.
    2) 2-3 soft bristled nylon toothbrush
    3) 2-3 2" paint brush
    4) 5 towels or so
    5) 1 can of pressurized air (if compressor is not available)
    6) 2-3 buckets of water
    7) WD40
    8) Plastic baggies or aluminum foil

    Personally, I prefer removing the high tension wires and sticking a plastic wrap around the plug holes before reinserting the spark plug wires to make sure that a seal is made to prevent water from seeping in.

    Cover distributor (if available), filters, fuse blocks, alternator and other sensitive electrical. I usually spray a light mist of WD40 on electricals to shield it away from moisture.

    Work one section at a time, from the hood's underside down to the firewall, then to the front... Work from firewall to bumper...

    Work on a warm surface, but not hot... tipong you can touch the radiator or manifold with your hand kinda temp...

    Don't try to do the whole compartment, do one side first, then rinse and dry before working on the next, otherwise, you'll have stains and streaks on your paint, especially on dark cars.

    It's best to do engine detailing/cleaning after a thorough underwash coz you can't really reach the bottom areas of the engine.

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    Oct 2002
    ayan the detail guru speaks! :shock:

    Hail o detail guru! he he...

    OT: theveed,
    cant register in your forum ayaw gumana nung MS passport ko eh

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    Oct 2002
    Supeirreman, talaga? ano gamit mo browser? I sent you an email just now, check mo ulit kung pwede na...

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    Oct 2002
    I'm using explorer 6.0 ... just read your mail. Ok i'll try again Thanks.

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    Oct 2002
    The way I do it is pretty close to how theveed does it.

    I've found Simple Green, 2 paint brushes, a sponge, a lot of plastic baggies (and elastic tie strings) and a lot of towels work best for me.

    Also, engine detailing should be done before you work on the outside of the car (but after an underbody wash, as theveed had suggested).

    One thing I've found useful over the years (which I actually picked up from a friend who owns a detailing shop) is to keep the engine running while hosing it down. This way, you can listen to changes in the way the engine sounds while you wash away the dirt from it.

    If and when you detect a change in the pitch of the engine while you are hosing it down, stop immediately and take the necessary corrective actions.

    Engine detailing is not as hard as it sounds! Good luck, and have fun!

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    Oct 2002
    theveed... saan gagamitin wd40?? nung nagpalaengine detail kasi ako... ndi nila inisprayan... tsk tsk tsk... para ako nalang spray

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    Oct 2002
    spray mo sa mga spark plug tips and other electrical sockets to prevent moisture from seeping in... optional lang naman.

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    Nov 2002

    I was just browsing along and I found this thread similar to my problem.

    May mga rust stains na sa engine bay ko, how do i go about removing them? I like kasi my engine bay to be clean. These rust stains come from the hose from the radiator. Naka-expose siya kasi direct sa makina. Naayos ko na yung hose para hindi magkalat ng tubig, hinabaan ko na para direct na tumulo sa ground.

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