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    Sep 2015
    may update na yung post sa facebook

    George Requilman
    Ok na po yung civic naidugtong na namin ung naputol ito lang lumabas nung binalik namin ung batterry.

    George Requilman
    Salamat po sa lahat

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    And don't believe that BS about rats getting revenge.

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    Depends on the rat!

    Brown rats, with rounded snouts, don't.

    Black rats, with pointed noses, do. They will charge forward when confronted. And they will remember your smell and seek you out. I once shot at a black rat with a pellet gun and it charged me. Then on the 2nd night i was awaken by a rat chewing on the wire screen, by the time i turned on the light it was inside my bedroom, headed for my bed and started gnawing on my pillow. When it saw me it charged me again. Lucky i had my baseball bat AND I DID NOT MISS! (need i say i was screaming like a faggot the whole time? )

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    Jan 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by Deestone View Post
    Found rat poop in my car battery when I open the hood which is park in the garage and im using it only on sundays any tips?

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    Try mixing a solution of chili & peppermint oil w/ your detailing product of choice. Spray & spread by brush over the engine bay & bottom tray.
    For garage queens, 1 extra layer....cut a clear sheet of book cover plastic to lay over the engine. This keeps pests from getting to the top harnesses like coil & ECU. Just make sure to remove prior to use.
    Regularly inspect for signs of infestation & reapply fresh coats of pepper shield. Honda's convinced this flavor repels em, that's why they came out w/ the OE chili flavored tape.

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Deestone View Post
    The rat here is as big as a cat what im doing right now is to clean it everyweek the engine compartment hoping that cleanliness will shove them away I dont want to harm them because they might get revenge that is always the case with rats.

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    Those will still die from the poisoned bait if they take it. We see some of those outside the warehouse.

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cats in garage