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    Jan 2009
    Mga Sirs,

    Sa tingin nyo ok lang ba ung price na siningil sa akin for these following:

    1. Replaced drier = 900
    2. Refrigerant refilling (134a) = 800
    3. Pull-out compressor (zexel) for leak test;
    4. Replced almost 8pcs. O-ring for the whole system;
    5. Pull-out evaporator for leak test, repaired small hole and cleaning;
    6. Compressor oil almost 80ml
    7. Servicing and repair labor

    Total Cost: 3500 PhP.

    What do you think mga Sir? Reasonable or over-pricing? Considering that drier, o-rings, 134a and oil lang ang pinalitan. The rest, are considered repair and servicing fee. And the warranty coverage only for recurring problem based sa mga inayos at pinalitan nila. The rest including refrigerant are not covered.

    The car is still under observation.

    Many thanks in-advance..

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    Oct 2002
    It's fair and btw anong model ba ng kotse?

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    May 2009
    so far within the expected price range as per experience

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    Jan 2009
    *miked & shadow: Marami salamat mga Sirs..

    Anyway, Isuzu-MU (Japan Model 1992) with 4JB1-T Engine.
    All aircon system parts (consumables are not included) still original or stock.
    When acquiring it, converted na sya from R-12 to 134a. Some revision lang napansin ko is the replacement of expansion valve, and drier. But so far it is working fine. Medyo bina-budget ko na rin ung para sa compressor, evaporator and condenser replacement na possible bumigay na in the future..

Aircon Servicing and Repair Cost